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Welcome to sustainable living!

At BUMI, we are dedicated to helping individuals jumpstart a more eco-friendly, sustainable life by combating plastic waste.

Each year, 380 million tons of plastic is produced globally, with over half of this being single-use products. Plastic waste affects every community, every state, and every country in the world; it chokes out our waterways, our nature scenes, and the sides of our roads. But we are not the only life on this planet: the animals, plants and other forms of life we live alongside are directly impacted by this waste crisis. Outside of America, third world countries are disproportionately affected by large amounts of plastic waste buildup being dumped into their ecosystems. There is a concern for future generations of this planet as we continue to pollute, waste, and hurt the earth we live upon.

Here at Bumi, every decision is made with the environment in mind, and we are dedicated to combating waste and environmental crisis. We have devised a collection of products specifically chosen for their sustainability in a world where forms of these products cause severe waste buildup in everyday life. At BUMI, we find cost efficient, inexpensive products for you, and provide them condensed into one place. Each of our products replaces a wasteful everyday product and is another stepping stone to a cleaner future. Shop now to join us in our mission to preserve our planet for future generations! Visit BUMI online today!

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